Mand. Evacuation ordered for West Houston Neighborhoods

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Mand. Evacuation ordered for West Houston Neighborhoods


I have just spoken to Mayor Turner to clarify what the evacuation order entails. The order applies ONLY to homes or structures with standing water in them now. If you do not have standing water, you do not have to evacuate and can ignore the order.

Power will be turned off only to homes with standing water in them. Centerpoint can restore power to individual homes that do not have water in them even though all the homes around them may be inundated.  If your power is turned off and should be on, please contact Centerpoint.

People without water in their homes may remain in them. However, please be advised that any services to your home including police, fire, ambulance, or even simple things like mail or pizza delivery will be difficult if not impossible.

Some homes may be without power as a result of failures of elements within the Centerpoint system and even though dry, may have to wait some period of time for power to be restored.

We will keep you informed as we get more information about the release of the water from the reservoirs and when the Buffalo Bayou water level will be back in its channel.

It is an honor to serve you,