Expanding the Economy
To continue the Texas miracle, we need to ensure that individuals and businesses have every opportunity to succeed. We can do this by reducing burdensome government regulations which inhibit economic activity and lowering taxes to put more money in your pocket. We are part of a global economy and must work diligently to compete for private sector jobs and investments. I am committed to ensuring that Texas remains a pro-business state with predictable regulations and a growing and skilled workforce.

Improving Education
Our public schools must produce career ready or college ready graduates – anything less is a disservice to the students, parents, and the taxpayers. Public education is an important economic driver and our school districts are a major reason why families and jobs continue to move to West Houston. We must provide meaningful school district accountability to attract and retain the best teachers and provide the best education possible to our students. Recognizing that many high-paying jobs require more than a high school education but less that a four-year degree means we must provide adequate resources to our workforce programs, help students understand their options, and partner with industry to help the next generation become productive citizens.

Spring Branch ISD and Houston ISD taxpayers each send millions of dollars to the State every year through recapture. Robin Hood must be reformed through changes to the school finance formula to ensure that these resources stay in our community. I will continue to work on behalf of every student to ensure they have access to the best education possible.

Protecting Local Communities
House District 133 is a great place to live due in large part to the great work by local law enforcement. As your State Representative, I have authored and passed legislation that increases protections for our children and improves safety in our neighborhoods. I have also worked on behalf of law enforcement to increase penalties for career criminals and target the most prevalent types of crime. As a lawmaker, I understand that while enforcement is local, it is built upon the body of state laws we pass.

Strengthening Private Property Rights
The pre-eminent rights of the individual are the foundation of our democracy. Private property rights are an extension of your liberty and must be protected at every turn. I have consistently voted and passed legislation to ensure that Texans are protected from eminent domain abuse and overreaching annexation. My pledge to continue providing this protection also extends to properties impacted through regulatory takings.