House & Senate Companions

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House & Senate Companions

Murphy companions with Senate members

At the State Capitol, the House and Senate both work extremely hard to improve Texas! Companion bills let the two chambers, both the House and Senate, work together to pass bills.

A companion bill is filed in one chamber that is identical or very similar to a bill filed in the opposite chamber. Of the 37 bills I have filed, the majority have Senate companions. Specifically, I have companion bills with Senator Bettencourt and  with Senator Huffman. If you live in HD 133. your State Senator is either Senator Bettencourt or Senator Huffman.

Companion bills are very useful to expedite passage for committee consideration in both chambers. A companion bill that has passed one house can then be substituted for the companion bill in the second house. When deadlines become tight near the end of session, having a companion to a bill is almost a necessity!

With lots of hard work, we will work together to get these bills passed. As always, please contact my wonderful staff for any help and don’t forget to stop by my office during Capitol visits!

It is an honor to serve you,