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Local, State, and Federal Aid to help during and after the flooding

Houston, we are all in awe of the incredible amount of rain and damage wrought upon Houston and Texas during this storm. We will have to be resilient and help one another.

We are all reminded how important our first responders are to our communities.  As soon as they are called, they leap into action protecting us in times of serious need. I hope you will think of them and thank them profusely after this event. They will be here for us the next time they are called, we can be assured of that.

My staff has collected links, phone numbers and resources that can help you during this time of trouble. My office in Austin is open and available to you all week by phone and email.

If there is any community that get get through a disaster like this, it is the city in which I was raised and call home, Houston. We will all get through this together.

It is an honor to serve you,