Early Voting is Underway in Texas

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Early Voting is Underway in Texas

Get involved in the primaries! It's so important and easy!

Texans in Harris County may cast their vote at any polling location through March 2nd.

Our House District 133 has an impressive track record when it comes to voter turnout. The graph below illustrates how we stack up compared to the state as a whole. In both the general and midterm elections, voters in HD133 consistently turn out at about a 10% better rate than the state average.

Early voting runs through Friday, March 2nd, and election day is Tuesday, March 6th. During early voting, you can vote at any convenient location within Harris County. This is incentive to pull over when you see a “Vote Here” sign, whether near home, work, or school. However, on Election Day March 6th, you MUST vote at your assigned polling place.

Being an open primary state, Texas voters decide every two years which party’s primary in which they will vote. Depending on which primary you decide to vote, if a runoff is held, you are locked in to that party’s runoff election. The outcome determines the party’s nominees for the general election in the fall (when you can vote for the candidate of your choice.)

I’m including some information in this newsletter to make sure everyone is prepared when it’s time to cast their ballots. Every vote matters. This is not a time to be left on the sidelines.

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