Capitol Update – Special Session Underway

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Capitol Update – Special Session Underway

Rep Murphy files and moves four important bills during the Special Session

Normally, after a 140-day Legislative Session, lawmakers return to their districts where they revert to everyday life (we are true citizen legislators) in their districts. However, this cycle is different. The Governor has called the legislature back for a Special Session. Only the Governor may reconvene the Legislature, and only the Governor may designate the “Call”,  or the topics of the bills that may be passed during a special session. For the 1st  Called Special Session of the 85th Legislature (sometimes the Governor may call more than one!) the Governor has selected 20 items for consideration by the legislative body.

I have filed four bills that respond to the Governor’s call. We outline HB 108HB 110HB 111, and HB 215 in this edition of the newsletter. HB 108 helps elderly folks stay in their homes, HB 110 and HB 111 provide greater government transparency, and HB 215 is an important pro-life measure. We will work hard to get these passed in the next two weeks.

A large number of you have taken the time to reach out to us and let us know where you stand on the issues before us in the special session. We are fortunate to have an active and attentive citizenry and encourage you to continue to engage with us. Please forward this newsletter to your friends and neighbors.

Two of the top issues we have heard from you on are bills related to public restrooms and tree ordinances. Currently, the Senate has passed a version of the “bathroom bill”, but it has yet to be referred to a House committee.

The House passed a tree ordinance bill which would allow property owners to buy-down tree mitigation fees with tree-planting credits. HB 70 and SB 14 which would restrict a municipality’s ability to enact a tree ordinance are still in the committee process.

We hope that you will follow along over the remaining two weeks of the special session. If you have questions or concerns, my staff is here each and every day to help you. Feel free to call, email, fax, or drop by.

It is an honor to serve you,