85th Session Wrap-Up: Accomplishments of the Legislature

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85th Session Wrap-Up: Accomplishments of the Legislature

Capitol Update

Dear Friends,

The 85th Legislative Session of Texas has ended. Over the session’s five months, my colleagues and I in the House and Senate worked to address important issues facing our communities in the State of Texas. Our last newsletter included information about bills passed by our office. You can read that edition here. The accomplishments of the 85th legislature as were broad and covered many different areas of importance.

Revenues were tight so the Legislature passed a conservative budget that doesn’t raise taxes or introduce new fees. Expenditures were kept below population and inflation growth, totaling $216 Billion. Significant investments were made in public education, border security, mental health services, child protective services, and many other areas.

The legislature also made improvements in the areas of public safety, fiscal responsibility and government transparency, and protecting the constitutional rights of all Texans. We have outlined many of the successes below.
Education financial reform was a big topic this session. While a solution was not agreed upon during the regular session, we hope make headway on this issue during the called special session in July.

The Legislature’s accomplishments in this past session will make the lives of Texans better. Feel free to contact my office in Austin for additional information about any of the bills below or other issues of interest to you and your business or family.

It is an honor to serve you,