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Expanding Our Economy - My 25 years in economic development have taught me that common sense government policies -- a fair and predictable regulatory environment and tax structure -- can attract new investment and jobs to our state. I will build upon my success in this field so all Texans can enjoy a future of unlimited economic opportunities.

Controlling Government Spending - Government is not the answer to our problems. Washington-style spending in Texas will lead to higher taxes and reduced economic growth. Where practical we must cut, cap, and eliminate programs that are wasting taxpayer money.

Supporting Quality Public Education - Today's students are tomorrow's workforce, taxpayers, and leaders. It is our responsibility to ensure schools are adequately funded, held accountable, and our tax dollars are used to provide students the quality education they deserve.

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Planning for the Future - Our infrastructure needs are tremendous -- and growing. Highways and major water supply projects are just two areas in which significant investment is needed to preserve our quality of life and robust economy. I will work with my colleagues and local governments to develop and implement long term projects addressing our state's critical infrastructure needs.

Controlling Our Border Our current State budgetprovides over $200 million for increased Border Security, but that is not enough. We must encourage the Federal government to fulfill its role in the enforcement of immigration laws. I will work to promote greater use of new technology and development of multi-agency coordination to help stretch our limited funds and increase our effectiveness.

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